What are ascension symptoms?

The ascension process is not just spiritual, it's also a physical evolution within the human species.

Our energy and physical bodies change during the stages of spiritual awakening as our bodies and cells learn to carry more light (information).

Solar flares, which are like hurricanes on the Sun, also cause physical changes to our bodies, specially our DNA.

NASA claims that the strongest Solar flare was the equivalent of "a billion hydrogen bombs, enough energy to power the whole world for 20,000 years."

So you can imagine that amount of energy flooding your energy field is going to have effects on your mental, emotional, and physical health.

We experience a “detoxing” aspect of the light activations because of the toxins we carry in our physical bodies, which is why ascension symptoms feel uncomfortable at times.

It took me 3 years to figure out how to cope with these symptoms, hope it helps you on your journey💜

Solar storms are going to increase in the next 3 years so save this page as a reference.

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. Headaches
Solar storms interact with the crystals in our brain (yes, we have magnetite crystals💎 in our brain) and creates pressure, which is 1 of the reasons we get headaches. But the main reason is because Solar flares dehydrate us.

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
1. Drink 1 glass of water and massage meridian point on your hand for 1 minute watch the video for to how to do this

2. If that does not work, visualize your cranium opening up and releasing all tension and imbalance, infuse with gold light, and close cranium

3. Massage your neck and put ice pack and heat pack there

4. Shower to get more magnetic energy in your energy field. This helps to balance the Sun's excess electric energy

5. Massage and tap sore areas on your scalp to release stuck energy

6. Watch my video on how to get rid of headaches naturally 

2. Ear Ringing
This is either a static noise or high pitched sounds. It's a sign that your clairaudience is opening up congrats!

Clairaudience is 1 of 5 major psychic senses, you ear’s nerves and muscles are slowly changing. Your ear needs to get adjusted to higher dimensional frequencies which is how some energy beings like angels and spirit guides communicate. 

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
1. Ask your higher self and spirit guides to make activation and integration much easier and more enjoyable on your body

2. Gently massage your ears to allow the energy to flow

3. Visualize a gold light massaging your ear nerves and muscles

Share this article with someone. Sometimes we feel like we are going crazy not aware of how cosmic energy affects us.

3. Nausea
This happens after you eat or during Solar storms because of the geomagnetic pressure caused by the Sun's flares.

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
1. Speak intention into water to bring balance to your nausea and drink it

2. Do breathing techniques

3. Do not hold your vomit it will only make it worse

4. Ask higher self to make the activation more smooth and gentle for you

 4. Extreme tiredness
This is normal because these activations are like "energy surgery" so you need to rest so that the activations can integrate.

Also, your body is trying to expel toxins and trying to "turn on" its dormant DNA, which is a lot of effort for your cells so allow yourself to rest.

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
- Chlorophyll is amazing for nourishing your cells. I stopped having intense ascension symptoms after regularly taking it

- Geritol is great to help your energy levels and it helps me to focus

Ashgwanda to help with the tiredness and my energy levels

- Rest!!! Honor your body rest is a part of integration process

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5. Unexpected anxiety and irritation
There is so much energy coming in and your body does not know how to deal with it so it gets overwhelmed. Research shows that suicide rates increase specially among men during Solar storms. Reach out to friends and people who are struggling especially when there are Solar flares. Look out for one another 💜

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
- Shake out the excess energy. jump for 60 seconds to shake off the anxiety

- Exercise

- Meditate

- Humm for 60 seconds to stimulate your Vagus Nerve and receive instant calmness

- Do breathing exercises

6. Irregular Heartbeats
You may notice your heart beating faster at times or abnormally. This is a common ascension symptom but if you are concerned, get a check with a doctor.

This is a common ascension symptom because the cosmic particles flowing in move so much faster. Solar flares carry as much energy as a billion hydrogen bombs. Think about your heart trying to adjust to that amount of electric energy.

You are not alone and you are not crazy, your body is changing!

How to deal with this ascension symptom
- Breathing techniques, my favorite is one for Vagus Nerve. Breathe in for 5 seconds hold for 6 seconds and exhale for 7 seconds.

- Grounding. Place your bare feet on the ground, sand, or pavement for at least 15 minutes to recalibrate your electromagnetic field.

7. Vivid dreams and trouble sleeping 
This is common because of the surge of cosmic energy flowing in which stimulates our nerves and we have more trouble relaxing our minds.

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
- When this is happening, have a journal next to your bed, there’s so much wisdom coming through your dreams.

- Write down the symbols, emotions, and themes that came up.

- Writing them down will help you to remember them more frequently.

- Listen to this sleeping meditation 

8. Burning/sensitive eyes
 Our eyes are changing during this ascension process. Through this process we will see more of electromagnetic spectrum - currently we only see 1%!

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
- limit time on electronics

-place cucumbers on your eyes

-take eye supplements like lutein and eat carrots

9. Cold or flu like symptoms
These usually last for a max of 48 to 72 hours otherwise its an immune system caused common cold. This is part of the detoxing process our bodies go through to integrate more light. 

How to deal with this ascension symptom:

- Discernment is key

- Hydrate! 3 to 5 liters of water

- Consider a detox or fast regime

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10. Joint/ muscle aches and pains
Energy tends to get stuck in our joints so you may hear cracks more frequently. We have 
crystals in bones and these get stimulated with Solar storms which causes pains.

How to deal with this ascension symptom:

- Stretch

- Acupuncture

- Massage with essential oils

- Go to a chiropractor

- Visualize gold light massaging your muscles

- Breathe to create space between nerves and muscles

11. New Allergies
You may become allergic to things you previously ate or used like soaps. I developed an alcohol allergy.

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
- Stop eating those things that your body has outgrown

- Be intuitively guided to eat. Maybe things you didn’t like , you will enjoy now

12. Appetite changing
Your body is changing so your appetite may change. There was a period in my journey where I didn't want to chew food so I ate more soups and drank smoothies.

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
- If you don’t feel like eating, try juicing your fruits and veggies or make soups

- Honor that you may get hungrier than usual and listen to your body, it knows what you need (might not be the 3 meals per day schedule that we were socialized into)

13. Stomach discomfort or in pain
The Sun represents our Solar Plexus, our area of personal power, which is in our abdomen. At this the Solar flares help to cleanse or activate this energy center in our bodies.

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
- Practice discernment: is it a sign to change your nutrition?

- Flush your body with water. When we have Solar Flares I drink 5 liters of water

- Chamomile tea is soothing for the stomach 

14. Vertigo
You may get dizzy or  feel sensations that things are spinning

How to deal with this ascension symptom:
- Grounding with the Earth or via your breath

- Ask your higher self to make the activations more gentle for you

Do you have any other ways that have helped you cope with these ascension symptoms? Send us an email at support@sol-tara.com so that we can add them to this list!

Much love,

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