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We are ending a 26,000-year cycle.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius and Golden Age, deep within you know that there’s something bigger that you are meant to do.

It’s time to embrace your power and destiny. Trust that something guided you to this page.

It’s time for you to embrace your soul’s highest purpose.

Are you ready for it?


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To get rid of self-doubt

Trust your intuition and get clarity on your soul purpose

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Practice energy healing with alchemy

Heal yourself and others by working with light, fire, water, earth, and air

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Create a strong bond with your Spirit Guides

Develop a deep connection and receive clear messages

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Unlock your psychic abilities

Learn to channel and discern whether messages are from your ego or your soul/spirit guides

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Access your future AND past lives

Get guidance to align with your soul’s highest timeline and purpose

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Work with quantum energy

Use high magick for manifesting, transforming blocks, and protection

You can achieve all this through alchemy.

Alchemy is an energy practice from Ancient Egypt and Atlantis (yes, Atlantis as in the Lost City of Atlantis!)

It’s how the Egyptians turned rocks into gold.

Alchemy is based on mastering and transforming energy. It’s a form of high magick (magick that doesn’t rely on any crutches like tools, spells, etc.)

Enrollment is now closed. Apply to the waitlist and be the 1st to get an interview once enrollment opens!

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Alchemy at its most basic level is about transforming energy. In this Academy you will learn high magick so that you can master energy, both internally and externally

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Using alchemy you can:

Access 100% of your brain and energy

Heal yourself and others

Manifest quickly and easily

Unlock your psychic abilities

Transform energy and even physical matter!

Check out how our students used alchemy to change water, seeds, blocks, and even money…because EVERYTHING is energy:

Alchemy Effects On Seeds

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Alchemy Effects On Spiritual Blocks

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Alchemy Effects On Emotional Blocks

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Alchemy Effects On Money Blocks

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Alchemy Effects On Seeds

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Alchemy Effects On Money

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This Academy is an advanced program. You’ll build solid foundations and get advanced high magick practices so that you can align with your highest potential and timeline!

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Who is this academy for:

You are looking to take your spiritual journey to the next level

You understand advanced spiritual concepts but don’t have the techniques to access the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th+ dimensions at will

You are intuitive but want to enhance and fine tune your gifts

You are tired of classes teaching you concepts but not practical techniques and exercises

You want to use high magick to optimize your relationships, spirituality, health, finances, and all aspects of your life

You are ready for your Ascension journey to accelerate

Who is this academy NOT for:

If you are starting your awakening journey, checkout our monthly Full Moon ceremony instead

You are not looking to be a part of a community

You are looking for a quick fix

You are not open to exploring a diverse range of energy/healing techniques

You are not willing to change

You are not willing to invest the necessary time and effort into your spiritual practices



Mastering your emotions.Shadow work.Mastering your mind and identifying blocks. Healing timelines and your inner child. Transforming blocks and trauma. Releasing trauma from your body.

Healing with energy, fire, and water. Daily energy routine (including how to align with yourself across all dimensions!) Becoming One with the elements. Advanced energy techniques (to protect your home, support your career, for vitality, etc). Spiritual hygiene. Using sacred geometry so that you don’t absorb unnecessary energy.

Connect with your future, most-evolved-self and identify what’s your highest purpose. Receive constant guidance from your future self so that you remain on your highest timeline. Access your past lives to get wisdom. Heal past life and ancestral karma. Astral project safely to receive wisdom and guidance. Advanced manifesting techniques.

Learn 7 techniques to sharpen your psychic abilities SAFELY. Develop a strong relationship with your Spirit Guides. Open up your channeling abilities. Learn to practice discernment.

Healing with crystals. Activating crystals so that they radiate at 100% of their energy. Sound healing. Earth and Air alchemy. Sex magick. Alchemy and astrology to create harmony between you and cosmic energies.

Enrollment is now closed. Apply to the waitlist and be the 1st to get an interview once enrollment opens.

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Learn techniques that you WON’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE

These advanced channeled techniques will help you:

Heal Yourself And Others

“By using the different healing modalities, my mom is on the road to recovery and is healing from terminal cancer.” – Staci

Call Your Power Back

“Insane amount of confidence, self belief, no more doubts! I actually manifested $136,121!” – Abi

Release Your Fears

“My shadow has been holding me back from moving forward in my career. All my intentions were manifested during this course and then some. It’s been truly life changing. ” – Kenitra

Align With Your Highest Potential

“A nearly unimaginable dream come true”

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Receive Unexpected Results

“Unexpected results including having lost 30 pounds…seeing [my monetary investment] come back to me 30 fold, and I am working 30 hours a week less than I used to about a year ago”

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Completely Transform Your Life

“My life has literally transformed 360 degrees”

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Connect With Your Ancestors And Future Life

“Then I heard my self from the future say…”

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Manifest Instantly

“I just manifested over $10,000 in 2 days”

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Connect With Your Future Life

“When I went into my future, my beautiful future self told me…”

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Get Results Quickly

“In the short time I’ve been with the Academy I’ve been able to set healthy boundaries and let go of relationships that are not for my highest good. I’ve manifested over $75,000 in the last 6 months, and the freedom I’ve been working to attain for my family. I am only on part 3 of the Academy and have seen such fantastic results.“ – Adam

Change Your Life In “The Most Powerful Way”

“The Alchemy mentorship truly changed my life in the most powerful and incredible way. Your teachings awakened a level of magick within me that was previously unimaginable. I’m so grateful for you and our soul family.” -Christine

Live Your Life With More Ease

“Because of this leap of faith I took even though I was so afraid, I was able to manifest a full time job after not being employed for 2 grueling / rejectful years.” -Angelica

Learn how to REALLY harness the power of energy

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What you receive in the Academy:

Lifetime access to Alchemy Academy™ portal with video lessons, meditations, and resources so that you can learn at your own pace

Lifetime access to weekly LIVE group Q&A Calls with Sol Tara so that you can get direct support

Online community to connect with like minded people and to get daily support directly from Sol Tara

FREE access to all of Golden Age Alchemy’s online ceremonies including: monthly Full Moon, Eclipse, and portal ceremonies

Transformational Guided Meditation Program (vault of 60+ alchemy meditations)

Special discounts and access to retreats at sacred sites

Proven affirmations

Certificate of completion

Your purchase matters. A portion of your purchase is donated.



We’ll practice the techniques together to ensure that you’re doing them right!

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meditation-to-balance-feminine-and-masculine-energy png

The techniques you will learn are NOT talent driven, but technique driven. All you have to do is implement the techniques and you will get results.

The purpose of the Alchemy Academy is to align you with your highest purpose and timeline!

In the Alchemy Academy you’ll learn BOTH theory and techniques.

The Academy is not just a place to learn. This is a place to learn AND practice.

You will practice the techniques with other students so that you can be confident in your abilities.

I’ve been blessed to work with people from over 70 countries, and I have not had one single failure yet.

That’s because I’ve thrown out all energy modalities that don’t work, and only teach what works. This way you can avoid wasting years and focus on what works so that you can accelerate your growth!

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Alchemy Academy Success Stories

We only teach techniques that work. Our goal is to get to transform in the simplest, easiest way possible so that you can REALLY get results. But don’t just take it from us, see what results our students got:

“This program has been life changing”

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“[the Academy] has taken me to another level”

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“I am not afraid of stepping into my purpose with confidence”

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“Manifestations work!! I manifested a new job and new life abroad– Deepika

“This program was a game-changer in so many ways. With all the techniques taught, I miraculously addressed on-going debt and manifest unique ways of getting money. The healing techniques which I continue to use for friends and family have left them feeling amazed.” – Saira

“I have implemented so many things that it is hard to write them all down here but my entire life has shifted very much since the Academy“ -Anonymous

“I connected with my spirit guide on a level I never knew was possible. I’ve also been able to find clarity in confusion by practicing fire alchemy. I feel much more connected to my spirit animals and purpose.” -Anonymous

“I joined the Alchemy Academy back in 2019… transform my life into something more than I could ever imagine. I am so glad that I found Sol. What we learn in this academy is an abundance of tools to help you be a powerful manifestor.” – Ikue

“Within the first week of practicing the manifestation techniques, I manifested an apartment with all the things I asked for and better! I also manifested a puppy a week later!” -Kiki

Enrollment is now closed. Apply to the waitlist and be the 1st to get an interview once enrollment opens.

Open up your psychic abilities safely

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Connect with past and future lives for healing and guidance

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Align with your soul’s highest timeline

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I’ve been there too…

I remember staying up until 3am nearly everyday feeling frustrated, blocked, anxious, and lost.

This anxiety triggered insomnia, which then triggered depression. I knew there was something bigger that I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how to make an impact.

I embraced this uncertainty and went on a quest.

My quest took me to 30 countries to learn from the best masters from across the world, I didn’t learn this from Google. I went directly to Source.

Leveraging the power of meditation, alchemy, channeling, mediumship, and energy for 10 years taught me that every single person holds unlimited potential.

I host meditation circles to connect people with their unlimited power and the wisdom of their hearts.

Your journey might be different than mine, but after connecting with like minded people, you’ll realize that you’re not alone.

My goal is to create a community and safe space for people to connect and release anything that’s holding them back from living the life of their dreams, the life they deserve.

Cant wait to transform together!

Much love,

Sol Tara

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For the past 10 years, I’ve traveled to 30+ countries to learn from the best masters. I’ve worked with


Crystal Healing



Sound Healing




You’ll learn the secrets that I learned from the best masters from across the world including an energy modality that unites spirituality and science.

By working with the right (spiritual, intuitive) and left (science, logical) hemispheres of the brain, we can access 100% of our brain and energy.

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“Has helped me heal old wounds and past karma for myself and my family lineage.” – Jean

“I have been healing a lot of clients thanks to the techniques I learnt from this program.” – Saira

“The Alchemy Academy gave me complete knowledge on working with the elements. I have been using fire alchemy and have found a huge shift in my everyday routines and interactions . This has been amazing and so useful. It helps me to adapt to different settings and access the skills I was born with.” – Jenn



The Academy is a flexible, self-paced program. We also have a weekly support call so that you can get your questions answered and get guidance from Sol. Every call is recorded for your convenience. You get LIFETIME ACCESS to everything: the online portal and weekly calls! We are going to be with you side-by-side to help you align with your highest timeline and purpose!

Alchemy is for everyone! This Academy is for healers and those with no healing experience, as well. Even if you don’t plan on healing others, you can use the techniques to emotionally and physically heal yourself so that you don’t have to rely on Sol or other healers. You’ll be able to use the techniques to heal your family and loved ones! We also have alumni who’ve built successful healing offerings. So you have many options!

Our #1 priority is to get you results. That is why Sol teaches you the most powerful techniques she learned from masters in 30+ different countries! Sol does not believe in teaching techniques that have little benefit so she focuses on teaching techniques that bring you the most results. You learn BOTH theory and techniques. This means that you will get to access past lives, astral project, etc. We don’t just talk about it we DO IT TOGETHER. You’ll get to practice the techniques LIVE with Sol to ensure that you are doing them correctly and getting results. The techniques are NOT talent driven. As long as you are using them correctly, you will get results.

Yes, we offer payment plans.

As you learn to astral project, channel, sharpen your psychic abilities, etc, more doors will open up and you will have more questions. We want to support you every step of the way. This is why you receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the Academy. Your journey to embody your Higher Self is not going to take 1 week or 1 month. That’s why we have a weekly call to help you implement the techniques and to keep you accountable to your transformation 🙂 You do not have to join our calls every week. It’s just there as a resource in case you have questions or need additional support. All group calls are recorded in case you can’t join them live. If you are very dedicated to your practice, it will take you about 6 to 9 months to get through the curriculum and master your energy.

The purpose of this Academy is not just to learn but to use these powerful practices in your daily life. We recommend devoting at least 20 minutes 3-4x per week on your practices. This will ensure that you have a strong connection with your Higher Self and the elements. The Alchemy Academy is flexible since it’s self-paced.

Click here to read more success stories from our students

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We connect you with ancient wisdom and modern science so that you can connect with your unlimited power.


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