Are you looking to deepen your connection with energy and build genuine connection with other lightwarriors?

The intention of this alchemy retreat is for you to connect authentically with like-minded souls while exploring the power within sacred sites!

Living in an era of filters, swipes. likes, and hashtags can be exhausting.

Think about the last time you felt free to be yourself.

…where you didn’t have to try, “wear a mask”, or worry about what others thought. Didn’t it feel liberating?

At the March Equinox we will celebrate the beginning of the the Energetic New Year with our soul family so you can start the year off feeling connected, supported, and expanded!

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Receive physical, emotional, and spiritual healing from powerful portals

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Activate your DNA and intuitive gifts

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Set intentions for the Energetic New Year at a portal with your Spirit Guides

The Power of Sacred Sites

A portal (or vortex) is a place where large amounts of energy are concentrated.

Portals are usually created when multiple Earth energy currents (known as ley lines) cross in one place.

A significant number of ancient sacred sites; modern day religious buildings like churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, etc; military bases; and government buildings are built upon portals.

This is done to harness the power of the portal.

At portal sites, you will notice trees, rocks, and other life growing in abnormal patterns like this:

We can work with the heightened energy of portals for spiritual growth, healing, activations, and manifesting. Like our ancestors did!

Today science shows us that at sacred sites and portals, there is a heightened amount of ions, which are extremely beneficial to human health.

I’ve been blessed to visit many sacred sites and portals around the world. And there is so much wisdom, activations, and healing that I’ve received when consciously working with the energy and the Spirit Guides at these portals.

My intention for this retreat is to honor and build a connection with the land, the guardians, and the Spirit Guides of the portals we’ll explore. By honoring these energies, we then open ourselves to receive blessings and wisdom.

My mission is to connect people with the living consciousness of the Earth.

In our retreat you will learn how to talk to trees (lol yes this actually a thing), rocks, fairies, Inner Earth beings (Lemurians), Star beings, angels, and whatever Spirit guides us to connect with!

And of course we’ll practice alchemy with water, fire, air, earth, and akash!

What Portals Will We Explore?


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This land was recognized as a portal by the native peoples 3,000 years ago. Petroglyphs at these sites depict the spiritual power this sacred land has held for thousands of years.

We will connect with the abundance of wisdom, power, and energy at the portals within the Valley of Fire.

The power of a portal is determined by several factors including:

* The number of energy currents crossing at that location

* Whether ceremonies or energy work was done in that land

* The materials within the environment (sand, soil, crystals, red rock, water, etc)

Across centuries, native peoples including the Puebloans and Southern Piutes have done ceremonies at the Valley of Fire. Because they recognized the power of the portal within the land.

The Valley of Fire is covered with red Aztec sandstone and limestone, which is made of powerful crystals.

In fact, the Egyptian pyramids were built from limestone because those crystals work to store and distribute energy, like an electric current.

We’ll work with the sandstone to connect with the energy of the cosmos, including Star beings!




Day 1 – March 18

In our opening ceremony we will introduce ourselves to the Guardians and Spirit Guides by doing an offering to the Earth.

With the support of fairies, angels, ascended masters, and animal guides we will do a release and healing so that we can start the new energetic year lighter and ready to receive the new.

We’ll have a workshop where you’ll learn how to connect and talk with the trees, fairies, Star beings, Inner Earth beings.

After this, we’ll explore different areas of the park and have plenty of time for pictures and opportunities for you to talk to the beings of this land!

At night we’ll have group activities for us to connect (potentially star gazing depending on the weather!) and dinner at a delicious local restaurant.

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Day 2 – March 19

Now that we have released the old, we are ready to receive the new! In our ceremony today we will connect with ancient spirits and star beings to receive wisdom and activations.

Part of our work includes not only receiving DNA/soul activations but also giving activations to Mother Earth’s energy centers and currents.

Then we’ll explore the beautiful Valley of Fire and the different portals within this majestic park.

Our day will be filled with short, fun hikes and optional rock climbing.

We’ll cap the night out with a dance party followed by a group dinner.

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Day 3 – March 20

Today is the day! In our closing ceremony we will celebrate the Equinox! We will start the Energetic New Year with an alchemy manifesting ceremony.

Not only will you manifest on one of the most powerful days of the year, but you’ll do it at a portal with your Spirit Guides and Soul Family!

The location of our ceremony will be determined by Spirit.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change depending on the guidance of Spirit.

This is our 1st retreat in 2 years! Space is limited to keep the group intimate so secure your spot ASAP

The Details

Our retreat is from March 18: 10am to 10pm March 19: 10am to 10pm and March 20: 9am to 3pm

Price includes access and transportation to all group ceremonies, meditations, and events. Hotel and meals are not covered but we are working to secure a discounted group rate for the hotel

We’ll have group activities so that you can build genuine connections with other like-minded souls

We’ll also have free time during our visit to the parks so that you can explore, take pictures, connect with others, or have alone time to reflect

Your purchase matters. A portion of your purchase will be donated to a community NGO in Las Vegas

One payment of $1111

4 payments of $299

So excited to connect in ceremony together!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Be prepared to immerse yourself fully into this experience! We go from 10am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday (March 18 & 19) On Monday (March 20) we start at 9am and end at 3pm so that you have time to catch your flight.

*Transportation to all group ceremonies, meditations, and activities. We will have a designated meet up point on the Strip (where all hotels are) and our chartered bus will pick you up and drop you off at this meet up point. *Entrance fees to parks

The hotel is not covered but we are working on securing a discounted rate for our group. Meals are not covered.

Yes, payment plans are available.

Our team is happy to assist! Please email us at:

One payment of $1111

4 payments of $299

This is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical, mental health, financial, business or legal advice. The information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, cure or prevent any illness, medical condition or mental or emotional condition. Nothing on our website or in our Services is a guarantee of any results or a promise of future earnings. All testimonials posted on have been provided voluntarily, are factual and reflect the real life experiences of users of our Services. You acknowledge and agree that these testimonials are not a guarantee that you will have the same or similar results. Golden Age Alchemy LLC owns all copyrights to the materials presented here unless otherwise noted.

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We connect you with ancient wisdom and modern science so that you can connect with your unlimited power.


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