5️⃣ Ways To Welcome The Year Of The Dragon🐲

This is an extra special Lunar New Years because it begins with a Super New Moon🌙

A Super New Moon means the Moon is closer to Earth so the energy is more powerful.

. In Chinese astrology every year is ruled by 1 of 12 zodiacs. This year it is the Dragon🐉

Asian and Western beliefs about dragons are different. In Asia they don't view dragons as scary, instead Dragons represent power, strength, transformation, and prosperity.

This is NOT the year to play small. It is a year to be bold and work towards big goals.

Dragons exist within other dimensions and they are MASSIVE. They are not afraid of their power. Connect with this strength to embrace your power more this year.

2. Within Chinese metaphysics, there are air, fire, water, earth, and ether dragons. 

This is the year of the Wood Dragon. The Earthy influence reminds us to remain grounded and practical as we reconnect with more of our power over 2024.

. The official Chinese Astrology Year started on February 4 (this is different from Chinese New Years Day, which is based on the Chinese lunar calendar).

On February 4 many East Asian countries celebrate the beginning of Spring.

Similarly, in Celtic culture February 1 and 2 is Imbolc which celebrates the midpoint between the Solstice and Equinox in Ireland and the emergence of Spring. 

According to Paulynne Cheng, on Feb 4 we start a new 20 year cycle, known as Period 9 that makes the fire element front and center. Embrace the fire in your Solar Plexus especially during the 1st week of the Lunar New Year and take 1 step towards a big goal you are working on.

4. Feng Shui is a branch of Chinese Metaphysics that focuses on the energy within your home. One of its key pillars is making sure your home is clean and tidy to allow chi (energy) to flow harmoniously throughout your home.

This is the time to:
    * dust those corners you've ignored all year
    * get rid of clutter
    * add plants into your home  to work with the Wood Dragon earthy energy

I like to also cleanse my home energetically not just physically.

Watch this video for 11 Ways To Cleanse the Energy in Your Home

5. But it's not just your home that needs cleansing, cleanse out your energy field too.

Watch the video below for an alchemy technique to cleanse your energy field and chakras so that you can release the old energy of the previous year and receive the new:

One of my favorite things about working with dragons in the etheric planes is seeing them embody their power without any hesitation.

​Dragons are neither apologetic nor afraid of being powerful.

​If you're having trouble letting go of fears, listen to this Archangel Azrael meditation to reactivate your courage.


If you are navigating an important change in your life, Azrael will give you the courage to overcome challenges and to better adapt to changes.

Archangel Azrael supports us through change and transformation with courage and strength. Azrael's empowering essence elevates your consciousness so that you can re-activate your inner strength.

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